Relieve your pain. Improve your health. Naturally.


  • Treatment for spinal and extremity joint pain, headaches, radiculopathy, disc protrusions, and other related neuromusculoskeletal conditions.
  • Improved range of motion and flexibility. Proper joint alignment helps reduce arthritic progression.
  • Specific techniques for osteoporatic, arthritic, and pregnant patients, as well as for children of all ages.
  • Pain management, muscle and joint reeducation, work injuries, auto accidents, sports injuries, and more.

Chiropractic and Pregnancy:

Chiropractic if you are pregnant? Especially during pregnancy! Massage therapy if you are pregnant? Absolutely! We even have pregnancy pillows that allow you to lie comfortably.

Is chiropractic safe during pregnancy? Very safe and sensible for your body and your baby.

Is it difficult to receive chiropractic adjustments when pregnant? Not at all! We use comfortable techniques and tables that accommodate your changing physical frame.

How late in pregnancy is it safe to receive chiropractic adjustments? Up until, even through, labor. Aligning the spine is not unsafe during pregnancy, it is actually just the opposite, very beneficial throughout pregnancy.

Can back pain be helped during pregnancy? Yes. We work with your body to heal your body. By realigning the spine and pelvis, we are able to decrease pressure on your structural frame, reduce muscle spasm, improve nerve function to the uterus, and reduce pain.

Do I have to have a problem in pregnancy to see a chiropractor? No, chiropractic should be used as a preventative form of healthcare throughout your pregnancy. Periodic spinal “tune-ups” should be as common as medical check-ups.

How does chiropractic care affect my child? Children benefit from chiropractic care before they are born, by having a mother that receives prenatal spinal check-ups. Children also benefit from regular spinal check-ups following birth. Colic, unexplained crying, poor appetite, breathing difficulties, and allergic reactions can often be traced to nervous system dysfunction caused by a malfunctioning spine.

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