Employee Wellness Programs

The implementation of Employee Wellness Programs within the United States began in the 1970’s, yet the concept of wellness has existed for centuries throughout societies/cultures on a global scale. The vast majority of US citizens are aware of the important place of diet/nutrition and lifestyle/physical activity in the prevention of disease, yet the overall health of the US population is alarming when compared to other developed countries.

In 2000, the World Health Organization (WHO) ranked the USA 37th in world healthcare system efficiency, putting the USA just two rankings ahead of Cuba. In preventable death rankings amongst industrialized nations, the USA ranks last in a list of 19 countries compared. OECD Health Data states the USA ranks #1 as the most obese nation in comparison with other developed nations. Peer-reviewed literature, rankings performed on industrialized nations by reputable organizations, and studies performed on health and wellness within a nation’s population all reiterate that the USA consistently ranks as a nation with a high quality of healthcare, but an alarming low quality of individual health.

This is due to the sedentary lifestyle of the American population along with a diet high in simple carbohydrates and saturated fats. This leads to increased triglycerides, BMI, cholesterol, blood glucose levels, insulin resistance, belly fat, systemic inflammation to name just a few. All the above secondary effects caused by poor diet and lifestyle are preventable measures that can be avoided through conscious decision-making by the individual.

On a local level, West Virginia ranks among the most unhealthy states in the country. Ranked as the 3rd most obese state, the most medicated state, and statistically WV has a higher percentage of preventable disease/death per capita when compared to the other 49 states according to government data. The unhealthy state of WV’s population is 100% self-induced and can be prevented through conscious healthy decision-making.

The average person spends approximately 50% of their time awake in the work environment. So what better way to educate and change health to West Virginians than to implement an effective Employee Worksite Wellness Program that focuses on overall health and wellness. Peer-reviewed literature and studies all state that an effective Employee Wellness Program will cause: Increased employee morale, increased productivity, decreased absenteeism/presenteeism, decreased medical and insurance premium costs to corporate, reduced employee turnover and an overall healthier workforce. In addition to the benefits listed above, the Return on Investment (ROI) in implementing an effective and efficient Employee Wellness Program is on average $3.50 to $1 cost-to-savings ratio for the company. That is, for every dollar invested in wellness employers saved $3.50.

At McCarter Health Center, we focus on the present health of the employees, their underlying medical conditions, and preventable risk factors that have a negative effect on one’s overall health. Through education, behavior change modifications, nutrition/diet, physical activity and monitoring the protocols put in place, our team of doctors, nutrition specialists, and therapists help lead your company and employees to improved overall health and wellness.

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